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Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson, CEO
B.S. Safety -  M.B.A.
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    Mike Gibson has been a key influencing factor for top safety
    performers nationally, as well as internationally. He has been
    recognized and benchmarked as an expert in implementing
    the safety process for some of the world’s largest companies.
    Gibson has directed Electrical, Construction, and Contractor  
    Safety and Training for the Energy Delivery business unit,
    representing the world’s largest energy service provider. As a
    result of Mike’s influence, companies have won countless
    national and international awards.

    Gibson’s aggressive and energetic approach to safety,
    combined with the implementation of behavior-based
    techniques, is the key to his successful impact on employees
    and business. His expertise has resulted in appointments to
    the “NIOSH Injury Prevention Council” and the “OSHA
    Electrical Federal Best Practice Team”.

    Mike graduated from Webster University with an M.B.A., and
    from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science Degree
    (with distinction) in Occupational Safety Management.   He
    holds technical degrees in the Electrical and Building Trades
    and has completed numerous hours of research and
    postgraduate work in the field of human and industrial

    He is well-known for his dynamic speaking capabilities and
    interactivity with audiences. His presentation topics focus on
    electrical, construction, and contractor safety. Along with his
    technical expertise, he is a sought after speaker in the areas
    of organizational, behavioral and cultural changes in work
    force safety.

    His speaking experience includes:

  • Numerous opportunities within EON-US, including   
    executive, safety and leadership groups.     
  • Institute for International Research - Central Networks
    - United Kingdom.
  • The Fishel Company - Edison Electrical Institute -
    American Gas Association - American Builders and
  • Kentucky Governor's Health and Safety Conference
    2002 through 2014
  • University of Louisville - University of Kentucky -
    Indiana University, Eastern Kentucky University
"Soaring High In Safety"